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Elimia Industrial manufactures easy to install and reliable full voltage motor starters.  We have numerous options available and have a starter to meet your needs.  All our motor starters and panel boards are assemblied with IEC, industrial, UL Certified components and are back by our 90 day replacement warranty.  Custom designs are available with as little as 2 day lead time.  Nobody even comes close to what we are doing with motor starters...
Motor starters are designed to start and protect your quipment.  Elimia makes motor starters easy by prewiring the start/stop switches.  Many options are available.
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One of our most popular motor starters is the Elimia air compressor series.  How many times have you left your shop and forgot to turn the air compressor off?  Our air compressor starters include a 22 mm bright LED indicator light.  When your air compressor starter is engaged, this indicator is "on" regardless of the air compressor motor...

All our starters come with industrial grade switches and controls, all UL registered. 
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June 2013, Elimia is proud to add several products to our line. Including: Baldor/ABB VFD and packaged drives; Federal Pacific Transformers; Schaefer Enclosures; Enclosure Solutions Enclosures.