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Elimia Industrial offers a complete line of standard and custom application Rotary Converters.  Some common applications are: Metal working, wood working, meat processing, recylcling, refrigeration, frequency transmission stations, irrigation and pretty much any application that requires three phase power when only single phase is available.  For some applications such as refrigeration and irrigation special units can be built to run automatically and only when needed.  We work with each customer directly to help make the right decesions for sizing and power your equipment.  Elimia has opted not to produce "static" phase converters due to the determental effects they can sometimes have on equipment.
All Elimia Converters are package tested.  Your control panel and motor are mated and tested at our factory in Alabama.  This means the least amount of labor and expense for the install.
Flexible Conduit and Wiring are provided and installed on 100% of Elimia Converters.  We are the only known manufacturer providing this feature.  This saves you installation time and money.  As much as $75.00 for a large converter.
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The idler motor is the most critical part of your phase converter.  Elimia only uses Cast Iron idlers.  Our Elite Series line has a proprietary idler made exclusively by Baldor for Elimia.  This line offers the most power and best phase balance with super quiet operation.  So why is cast iron better than rolled steel?  When it comes to motors, especially idler motors, heavier is better.  The weight of a cast iron motor and the damping effect of cast iron means quiet troublefree operation.  Additionally, cast iron has better heat transfer which translates to longer life.  Ever wonder why you rarely find a rolled steel, totally enclosed motor, larger than 10 HP.  Its all about the heat...
All Elimia Converter Control panels are built on removable back panels.  The picture above shows a PH30-100 control board ready to go in an enclosure.  Elimia uses MTW type insulated Copper wire for our assemblies.  All connections to capacitors are soldered.  Solder connections make the best permanent connection.  Other companies use "fast on" type connections.  Fast on connections can become loose and over time and create a hot joint, arcing connection.  That can lead to starting failure or out of balance run conditions.
Elimia idler motors larger than 5 HP are mounted on a custom plywood skid which becomes part of the shipping crate.  Most customers opt to leave their idler motor mounted to this skid.  All idler's are through bolted to the skid and have 1/4" rubber isolators already installed.
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Elimia is a full service shop.  We offer customer's custom solutions and designs for a lot less than you think.  We do in-house machining, welding and panel assembly.  Below is a custom design we did for a portable PH20-100 rotary phase converter.
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June 2013, Elimia is proud to add several products to our line. Including: Baldor/ABB VFD and packaged drives; Federal Pacific Transformers; Schaefer Enclosures; Enclosure Solutions Enclosures.