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Elimia rotary converters are well known for reliability, ease of installation and affordability.  Since Elimia sales and supports their own equipment we are able to keep cost down.  There is no other rotary converter that gives you so much for so little cost.
Elimia vs Others

Magnetically latched motor start- Standard on all Elimia Converters.  Other's hide that their phase converter doesn't include this feature in order to offer lower prices.  Elimia offer's the lowest total installed cost when compared wholistic.

Cast Iron motors- Standard on all Elimia Converters.  There is no comparison, cast iron makes the best phase converter.  Rolled steel motors are light weight and when used as a idler motor they naturally vibrate more than cast iron.  This vibration is detrimental to motor bearings. 

Exclusive Wall Mount Panels- Elimia offers wall mount control panels as standard.  A control panel integrated to the idler motor is less desirable because components inside are subjected to constant vibration and stress, limited accessibility and less visibility.

Conduit and Wiring to Idler Motor-  Elimia includes 5 feet of wiring and conduit between the control panel and idler motor on all converters.  On sizes 7.5 and larger all wiring connections are pre-wired and connected.   Another advantage that saves customers time and money.

Rubber Isolators- Elimia includes rubber isolators on all phase converters.  On sizes 7.5 and larger our isolators are preinstalled on our custom shipping skid.  Although rubber isolators are not so important on cast iron idler motors Elimia feels that the small cost of the them is well worth the benefits.

Package tested- Elimia test every converter as a complete unit.  Others drop ship the idler motor from a distributor and send the control from their factory.  That means your control panel and idler motor have never been package tested.  Package testing is the only way to ensure a good system.

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PH Series Elimia Rotary Phase Converter Features:

Our PH series converters are packed with the same features and warranty as our Elite series, the only difference being the idler motor.  ALL our rotary converters use cast iron idlers, including the PH series, as cast iron is superior to rolled steel.  The PH series utilizes either standard efficiency or EPACT 92 efficiency rated motors.  Premium efficiency EISA motors are not used by Elimia as they are found to make less powerful rotary converters. 
PHE Elite Series Elimia Rotary Phase Converter Features:

Our PHE Elite series rotary converters utilize a custom idler manufactured for Elimia by Baldor USA.  This idler eliminates the issues with EISA efficiency motors by being a dedicated rotary converter idler and it is shaftless.  Our Elite series rotary converters are second to none.  With the Elite you will see more balanced voltages under load and no load, faster machine starts, smoother and cooler running equipment versus anything else out there.
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June 2013, Elimia is proud to add several products to our line. Including: Baldor/ABB VFD and packaged drives; Federal Pacific Transformers; Schaefer Enclosures; Enclosure Solutions Enclosures.