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Elimia offers many special purpose rotary phase converters.  Below is a few of our more common designs.  If you don't see a product or option to fit your needs we can design one for you and at the best price around.
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Elimia Special Purpose Rotary Converters and Options:
Remote Location Start:

This is our most popular option.  Enables you to remotely start your converter from a second switch location.  With this option your Elimia converter is supplied with an additional control power start/stop/LED switch.  The remote switch is pre-wired by us to make things easy.  The converter control panel is pre-wired as well with the same color coded wiring.  All you need to complete the job is the wiring between the two...  Five wires of 16 AWG or larger.  Fusing is provided in the control panel for protection.  If you need three location starting, just add another box.  Easily pays for it's self in time and electricity.

Loaded Start:

The loaded start option prevents common problem of accidentially starting your converter under load.  This system includes an additional magnetic contactor that isolates your load during phase converter starting.  Once your converter is running the load isolation system engages and passes power to your machine.

Unattended Automatic restart:

Elimia unattended automatic rotary phase converters are design to automatically restart in the event of a power blink or outage.  This converter is commonly used with equipment such as refrigeration coolers where automatic restarting is needed to prevent people monitoring.  Additional control signals can be easily added to provide alarm indicators.  Equipped with 2 status LED lights.

Unattended Operation & Load Monitoring, Automatic Run as Needed:

We developed this rotary converter design for low duty cycle air compressors.  But, the design can be integrated with HVAC equipment and pumps.  Runs automatically when commanded by your equipment.  The converter monitors conditions of your equipment and when needed the converter starts and powers your load.  Once conditions are met the converter powers down and waits for the run condition to occur again.

Unattended Operation Programmable:

This design incorporates a real time monitor that is programmable.  Allows for the converter to start and run various loads at a predetermined time and for a predetermined period.  Designed for irrigations systems but could be implemented with any load that needs to run at certain times.  Can be set up for several starts and stops per day.  Includes override to bypass programmer and run as needed.

Phase Monitor with Automactic Shutdown:

Our phase monitor option uses a device to monitor voltage conditions and phases.  In the event of an issue with the generated power the phase converter will power down and isolate your load.  Important inexpensive option for customer with high dollar equipment.

Output Power Options, 208Y, 220Y, 460, 600 etc...:

Our phase converters can provide all different kinds of power.  If your equipment must be run from something other than 230V, we have phase converter/transformer solution. 

Pivot Irrigation Systems:

Elimia can provide a low cost solution to power your irrigation system.  Diesel pumps can be eliminated and replaced with three phase electric pumps and operate at less than half the cost.  480 Volt pivots are no problem.    Our phase converters used in conjuction with a isolation transformer can safely power your drive system with no faults.

Portable Rotary Phase Converters by Elimia:

Elimia offers complete shop services including custom welding, millwork and panels done in house.  We can build a custom assembly to fit your needs.

Load Isolation Module:

The isolation module is an add on device that works with all brands of rotary phase converters.  Installs in the wiring between the rotary converter and your load.  Requires no new wiring.  Prevents the common problem of your converter starting under load and thus damaging the starting system.  Elimia makes this device in all sizes up to 90 Amps.

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June 2013, Elimia is proud to add several products to our line. Including: Baldor/ABB VFD and packaged drives; Federal Pacific Transformers; Schaefer Enclosures; Enclosure Solutions Enclosures.